Manic Industries Australia

The Night Prowler

Manic Industries Australia (MIA) is proud to present the Night Prowler digital night vision system. At MIA, our goal is to provide the average person with high performance, affordable and innovative night vision equipment and we feel we have achieved this with the Night Prowler. This NV device is light, portable and has an effective range in excess of 300+ meters. The video below was taken using a cheap Nikko Sterling 4.5-15x50AO scope and Dereelight V2 Nightmaster torch to give an indication of effective range. Distances marked were accurately measured using an electronic laser ranging device.

The kit comes in its own durable carry case and contains everything you need to start night-hunting right now – the device, LCD screen, IR LED torch, torch and screen mount, battery pack, battery pack stock attachment, 5x18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries, 6-place battery charger and 12V power cord.

Set up takes only minutes and does not require any special tools. Basically, the device slips on the ocular/eyepiece end of your daytime scope, the screen and torch mount clamps onto your scope body and the battery pack (which contains 3x18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries) straps on to your stock. Plug it in, switch it on and start hunting. Your point of impact does not change, so there’s no need to resight. The unit is made from lightweight aluminium and will not warp or distort like plastic, making for more precise fitment and alignment. It is finished in a durable, powder-coated covering. The units can be used by both left and right handed shooters.


The kits will come with one of two infrared-emitting LED torch options - the Dereelight V2 Nightmaster or the Wolf Eyes X-beam. The following information will give you some indication of the performance and specifications of the two available torches:

V2 Nightmaster

- Extended range out to 300+m
- Can run on one or two 18650 batteries to extend burntime
- Slightly bigger in size and length and about 100g heavier than the X-beam (when using 2 batteries)
- Fully focusable beam, but can be a bit fiddly to do
- Dedicated IR torch with 3 power settings (memory programmable)
- Run time 32hrs on low, 11hrs on medium and 3.5hrs on high (using 2x18650's)
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- Range out to ~200m
- Runs on one 18650 battery only
- Smaller and lighter than V2
- Fully focusable beam (much easier to do than Nightmaster V2)
- Can do both IR and white light (easy to select via lever on top)
- Run time (continuous) = 1 hour on white, 2 hr 40 min on IR
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The kit will also be supplied without any IR torches if required, for those that wish to supply their own IR illumination. The video below was taken using a Nikko Sterling 4.5-15x50AO scope and a SuperCheap Spotlight fitted with IR filter (probably equivalent to a Lightforce 140 or 170 Striker?)