Manic Industries Australia

Pricing and Options

Current prices as of March 2015

-   Night Prowler NV kit with Dereelight V2 Nightmaster torch   $790 plus postage

-   Night Prowler NV kit with Wolf Eyes X-beam (dual beam) torch  $865 plus postage

-   Night Prowler NV kit with no torch provided   $665 plus postage

-   Extra scope adaptors   $35ea

-   Custom made spacers (for Euro scopes and other scopes that have raised focus rings)  $25ea

Warranty:  12 months on the NV unit. Torches will carry manufacturer's warranty, refer to websites for details.
All items will be posted via registered, insured post

How to Order:

Please specify the diameter of the ocular bell of your scope, at its widest point, when ordering. This is best determined by using vernier calipers or another accurate measuring device. If there is more than 2.0 mm difference between the widest part of the ocular bell (usually the focusing ring) and the rest of the body, it is highly recommended that you also purchase a custom-made adaptor spacer. Provisions can also be made for battery housings found on most illuminated-reticle scopes. Please contact our staff for further details.

You will be contacted by the staff at Manic Industries to discuss and finalise your order.

Next production lot is scheduled to be available June/July 2015